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Tiger Gaming Poker Room

(non-US only!)

An online poker room that is party of the huge Chico Poker network. There will be many table to choose from. Thousands of players at this online poker room daily!! The more players the more fun (poker chat)!

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  • 20% (max $100) bonus

  • Texas Hold'em, Omaha High, Omaha 8 or Better, Seven Card Stud, Stud 8 or Better

  • Single-Table Tournaments and Multi-Table Tournaments

  • Play Free Poker of Play For Real Cash

  • Limit, No Limit, and Pot Limit Poker Games

  • Credit Card, NETELLER, Skrill, Bitcoin

The site offers step by step instructions for download and installation of the software.

Tiger Gaming Poker has 24 hour support which is needed because of the 24 hour a day activity at the poker tables.

Check out the News&Events section of the Tigergaming Poker website. There are lots of amazing tournaments going on and free cash is given away frequently.

Minimum buy-in:The Minimum Buy-in requirement for all games is 10 times the Small Blind/Bet in the Game. This means you would need $100 to enter the $10/$20 game, $50 to enter the $5/$10 game and $30 to enter the $3/$6 game.

Limit Poker: The difference between limit and no-limit poker is the betting amounts. Limit poker is limited by the number of raises.

No-Limit Poker: This poker style is not limited by the number of raises. Players can go on as long as they like. A few rules apply The minimum raise should be equal to the previous bet or the raise. The maximim eligible bet is equal to the size of the chips on your table.

Pot Limit Poker: The same as No Limit poker with a different maximum eligible bet. The maximum eligible raise is the size of the pot. This can go very high depending on the amounts the players are betting.

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